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Williams Sonoma

February 27, 2015

It really nice to work on this project beautifully styled by JC Garcia and Amy Wilson with great art direction by Kathleen Korb.More…

Gourmet Traveller

February 27, 2015

It's great to be working with the GT crew again, Emma Knowles as always puts together tasty and gorgeous food. Styled by Geraldine Munoz and food prepared by Jerrie-Joy Redman_LLoyd.More…

The Tailored Interior

January 20, 2015

Over the last 10 years interior designer Greg Natale has been perfecting his craft creating a look and style that is very much an extension of him and his tastes. I have been lucky enough to have accompanied Greg on this journey so far, so it was pretty exciting when he was given the opportunity to produce his own book. Over a 6 month period we moved a tonne of furniture and reflected a mountain of light to create the images in this book. Greg deserves all the awards and attention he receives for all the love and hard work, well done to him and his team in creating the homes in this book.More…

Dessert Divas

January 20, 2015

Its so exciting when you receive a book project that you know you will love even before the first photo is taken. I have been lucky to have worked closely with Christine Manfield on a number of her book projects and this one is up there with the best. She has the ability to combine such exquisite ingredients and combine flavours to create as I like to say mouth wizardry. Buy this book and check out the creations then track her down and try one or make one yourself.More…

Bills Bondi

November 2, 2014

Not many restauranteurs have the gift of style and substance, Bill Granger seems to possess both. His new Bondi digs is simple elegant and stylish and the food is fresh and delicious. Thx to the Bills team for making our shoot so successful.More…

Inside Out Magazine

November 2, 2014

Claire Delmar has amazing style she is an awesome stylist and has an equally amazing home, recently photographed for Inside Out MagazineMore…

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