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Four Pillars Gin Video

February 4, 2016

A recent video I shot which accompanied the stills shoot at Four Pillars Gin distillery in Healesville Victoria. What a great Australian brand with top shelf quality and taste. Big thanks to the 4 Pillars team and Elle Wickens for some editing gold. Check the video by follwing the links to Vimeo above.More…

Vogue Living Magazine

February 3, 2016

Had fun shooting the new Hotel Palisades for Vogue Living, what a great thoughtfull, textural and comfortable space Sibella Court has created. Drop in for a stay and some tasty delights and a room with a killer view.More…

Four Pillars Gin

January 10, 2016

Big thanks to all the Four Pillars crew for a great gig photographing, videoing and drinking all the tasty gin in the their brand spanking new distillery in Healesville Victoria. If your down that way pop in for a negroni and plenty more. The video will be live soon.More…

Bates Smart Vibe Hotel

January 10, 2016

A pretty impressive new hotel designed by the talented Bates Smart peeps, smack bang at Canberra Airport this beauty is a treat to see and stay in. Big thanks to Jane Foley and Tonni MacLennan.More…

Spring Hill Suites Marriott

January 10, 2016

Nice to work on a big production with so many talented individuals, this lifestyle shoot for Spring Hill Suites Marriott was photographed in sunny LA with crew from all over the globe. Big thanks to Mcgarry Bowen NY Art Director Oliver Dudley and Photo Producer Kim Stoerker. Also amazing seamless production by Marion Headon and as always big thanks to the team at Daniele Forsythe.More…

Vogue Living Magazine

January 10, 2016

A couple of recent spreads in Vogue Living Magazine, first is an amazing house designed by the talented Thomas Hamel and his team. The second house so exquisitely designed by Greg Natale, what a location floating above Sydney Harbour with views of the big three.More…

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